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The Ipic Group is proud to announce the launch of their specialized software products.

The Ipic Group has managed and re-developed their portfolio of Shopping Centres to ensure their long-term sustainability. The demand for computer based applications became imminent over the years to build relationships, maintain systems and improve efficiency with tenants, consumers and service providers.

Thus Ipic Software, a division of the Ipic Group, came about to develop products to fulfil those needs.

Our packages include:

Ipic Tasks: a workflow, project and time management system.
Ipic Connect: our customer relations management system.
Ipic Property Manager: our property and tenant management system.

These products were originally developed for our own use and are now in the Beta testing phase. The staff of the Ipic Group has put our software through rigorous testing and all of the software packages now form an integral part of our business model, a testimony to the success and application of the packages.

Coupled with our hands on experience, we have a team of skilled staff and support engineers who will be maintaining our software systems at each individual client.

Look no further for all your business’s Customer Relations Management, Property Management and Project Management software needs.

Ipic Tasks (Version 1) - Task Management

Ipic Tasks is the answer to improving your personal efficiency, managing your staff and business and creating accountability for tasks. Ipic Tasks delivers this and much more.
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Ipic Connect - Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

Ipic Connect will help you create and manage various relationships between you, your client and other businesses. You will also be able to communicate effectively with your clients by following a few quick and easy steps. Ipic Connect will give you this and much more.
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Ipic Property Manager - Property Portfolio Manager

The Ipic Property Manager is a property management tool that will allow users to manage their whole property portfolio online. From uploading documents such as Lease agreements to generating standardized reports, tracking the progress of each area of your portfolio. The Portfolio Manager will provide this and much more. More details...
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